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Archivo P.A.I.S.

[Selected files from the Archive]

The Voice of the Market

The Voice of Art

The Voice of God

The Voice of Institutions









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Archivo P.A.I.S is an ongoing sound archive project that explores the tensions between sound and meaning in spoken voice. It researches on the musicality within speech and in the sounds produced in public spaces. It uses these sounds as a structure for musical composition that is based open both to their acoustic and semantic qualities. This coincidence can incorporate in a musical sense the subject of enunciation into a musical composition. When we hear a person speaking, we not only listen to the meaning of the words, but also to the voice’s particular timbre, its fluctuations and dynamics, accents, melodic gestures, rhythmic patterns, and what Barthes would call its grain. The referential quality of speech adds a final layer of complexity in which both musical and semantic levels influence each other. The use of different accents, intonations, and timbre modulations can violently change the literal meaning of spoken language, just as the context of enunciation can modify the way we listen to a sound.  Drawing upon these interests, P.A.I.S. develops its archive as an ongoing project or work in progress, using at times its material to produce musical and interdisciplinary works in public spaces. These works explore music within oral speech and conceive public spaces as memory loci with the ability of modifying the perception of sounds within them.

It is organized in four main sections that gather the informal versions found in the streets of the economic, institutional, religious and artistic discourses.